American Hardcore, A Tribal History



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Before this oral history transcribed by Steven Blush, the hardcore scene had never benefited from a retrospective worthy of the name. Second generation of punk rock exclusively American, its hour of glory lasted from 1980 to 1986. The floor is given here to its main characters, with a varied profile, but always provocative: maladjusted suburbanites, vegetarian and anti-drug Straight Edge pacifists, or lovers of pure physical violence. All the major scenes are covered, from Southern California to New York to Washington D.C. to Texas. The text is accompanied by numerous photographs - notably by Edward Colver and Karen O'Sullivan - and supplemented by flyers, logos, and record covers, as well as an extensive discography. This tribal history does more than paint a portrait of an influential scene. Its provocative social snapshots reveal the desperation of a particular period in American history.