Streets Not Dead II

The video features stunt rider Kyle Sliger ripping through the streets of Downtown Detroit in the second installment of Streets Not Dead video with over 730,000 views.
The idea was to showcase the best street riding around some of the most iconic locations in Detroit (the JLA Tunnel, Highway 375 leading into the city, Cobo Center Rooftop, Cobo Center Spiral ramp, Streets of Downtown Detroit, inside Michigan Theatre and Fort Street.)
The detroit Hiphop act Suicide Kings  was an evidence for the soundtrack.
“Attack Of The Beat fiends”, one of our favorite songs of the “Crown Of Thorns” LP got selected, putting also in front Aztek The Barfly and Cancer The Ugly, both rappers from Detroit as well.

Detroit knows Street’s Not Dead; it’s this well-torn territory’s story. With its promises of urban revival, the bygones of its former grime haunt the present amid commerce and development. From hopelessness to hope, the Streets have always had their heroes because the Motor City’s heart never runs out of gas.

Kyle Sliger knows the dangerous and seductive line between risk and reward; he rides that line wide-open, screaming into Downtown, grabbing for gears. Red hot, drifting through tunnels, crossed-up corners, pushing the limits of bike and body; this is what separates riders from legends. Back for another shot at glory, Detroit’s streets are alive and well.