We are very proud to announce a collab with the French artist & photographer Cédric Delsaux.
Cédric Delsaux was born in 1974, lives and works in Paris.
Originally known as an advertising photographer, he is now recognized for his long series, creating a singular feature and atmosphere.
In particular, his Dark Lens “Origins” series has been a worldwide success since 2004.
Dark Lens “Origins” introduces the characters from the Star Wars saga into the real life of the Parisian suburbs, Lille or Dubai, revealing the degree to which our perception of the city passes through the filter of fiction.
The book was foreworded by George Lucas himself:

“Over the years, many artists have interpreted Star Wars in ways that extend well beyond anything  we saw in the films.
One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen is in the work of Cédric Delsaux,
who has cleverly integrated Star Wars characters and vehicles into stark urban,
industrial – but unmistakably earthbound – environments. As novel and disruptive as his images are, they are also completely plausible.”

– George Lucas, September 2010

With the “Underground Society” series (2013-2014), Cédric Delsaux continues his exploration of fears and anxieties of humanity by bringing places and characters into a troubling darkness.
It is one of the pieces from this collection that we have chosen to develop on Evil Pimp‘s artwork for “Memphis Devil Shyt” album.

Beyond Cédric’s artistic universe, we appreciate for sure, we also discovered a man of an extraordinary kindness and humility.

EVIL PIMP Memphis Devil Shyt - Knives Out records x Cédric Delsaux
EVIL PIMP "Memphis Devil Shyt" die-cut 12" Gatefold