International Sticker and Poster Festival Russian Sticker Tour 2021

The Festival of Stickers (FAN) is a unique non-profit project aimed at supporting such trends as sticker and poster art, and street culture in general.
The project was created and implemented by the Fym’s team (SPB)
The first festival took place in 2013, becoming the most important event in the history of sticker art in Russia.
Over the next five years, the festival gathered hundreds of like-minded people around the world, giving a strong impetus to the formation of the sticker community in Russia. The festival program includes an exposition with the works of the participants; during the festival, various educational meetings, lectures, master classes, and creative evenings are held. We also try to support other street trends such as graffiti writing, street art, breaking, freestyle, skating, DJing …

The main venue for FANs was the organizers’ hometown of St. Petersburg.

This year we are expanding our boundaries and embarking on a big sticker tour of Russian cities!
The tour aims to support the local street scene, collaboration and exchange between artists from Russia and the world.

The first exhibition will take place on June 1 in the city of Arkhangelsk!