SCARAMANGA is a Hardcore band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Featuring members of Harriers, Nuke and Déjà Mort, the band was formed in 2022 by singer Jérémie Bélanger and guitarist Jean-Gabriel M. Labrie (Déjà Mort), they were later joined by Montreal Hardcore vets, Shawn Leger (Nuke, Wrong Hands) Rick Langlois (Harriers, Excess) and Bine Robusto (Harriers, Excess).
Their first demo (Demo 22) was released in August 2022 and they’ve since become a staple of the local Montreal Hardcore scene.
Blending Crossover, Hardcore and Old School Beatdown, they’re easily going from mosh parts to 80’s style guitar shredding.

Bine Robusto – Bass/Back Vocals • Shawn Leger – Drums • Jérémie Bélanger – Vocals • Jean-Gabriel M. Labrie – Guitar/Back Vocals • Rick Langlois – Guitar/Back Vocals


Physical releases

2023: SCARAMANGA “The Many Faces” – Vinyl | Lifer Records (Can)
2023: SCARAMANGA “The Many Faces” – CD | Knives Out Records (Fr)


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SCARAMANGA "The Many Faces"

“The Many Faces”
(CD / CS)


Knives Out Records release