VITAMIN X from Amsterdam is one of the world’s leading and most popular hardcore punk thrash bands, releasing several classic albums, touring all over the world and playing all major hardcore punk metal fests with their unique mix of early 80’s hardcore punk, fast trash and wild 70’s rock riffs.

The band is known for their explosive and energetic live shows, featuring lots of stage diving, circle pits, blow up toys and the ”Wall Of Death”. Playing in front of 20.000 people they got voted one of the best bands at the prestigious Hellfest 2015, the world’s biggest heavy music fest. VITAMIN X is touring all over the world: USA, Japan, Brazil, Europe, Australia, UK, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada, Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, etc and (co)headlining fests like Hellfest, Obscene Extreme Fest, Maryland Death Fest, Temples Fest, Ieper Fest, Resist To Exist Fest, Fluff Fest, Bloodshed Fest, etc.

In 2008 they release the now legendary album ‘Full Scale Assault’ recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Iggy Pop & Stooges, Pixies, Neurosis, Led Zeppelins Plant & Page) on Tankcrimes Records (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Fucked Up). The album got voted best record of the year by many punk and metal zines. Art is by high profile artist and long time fan Baroness’ John Baizley (Metallica, Kylesa, Baroness). 2012 follow-up ‘About To Crack’ is also recorded by Steve Albini and art by Baizley. Both albums got rave reviews. Many of their songs are covered by bands all over the world.

VITAMIN X is featured in all known punk hardcore metal zines, from Thrasher Magazine to Decibel to MRR, and did many radio and tv performances, incl 8 live songs for MTV Brazil.

Marco Korac – Vocals • Marc Emmerik – Guitar • Danny – Drums • Alex Koutsman – Bass


Physical releases

1998: VITAMIN X “Straight Edge crew” – 7″ | Commitment records (NL)
1999: VITAMIN X “Once upon a time…” – 7″ | Commitment records (NL)
2000: VITAMIN X “See Thru Their Lies” – LP/CD | Underestimated records (US)
2001: VITAMIN X “We came here for fun” – 7″ | Underestimated records (US)
2001: VITAMIN X “People that bleed” – 7″ | Havoc records (US)
2002: VITAMIN X “Down the Drain” – LP/CD | Havoc records (US)
2004: VITAMIN X “Bad Trip” – 7″ | Havoc records (US)
2005: VITAMIN X “Rip It Out” – 7″ | Havoc records (US)
2008: VITAMIN X “Full Scale Assault” – LP/CD | Tankcrimes records (US), Agipunk (EU)
2012: VITAMIN X “About To Crack” – LP/CD | Tankcrimes records (US)
2017: VITAMIN X “Full Scale Assault” – 12″ picture disc | Knives Out records



VITAMIN X Full Scale Assault

“Full Scale Assault”
(Vinyl / CS)



Knives Out Records release