OLD HABITS is a hardcore band from Lake Worth in South Florida, a city and a region rife with hardcore history. Starting with the goal to play fast and heavy music along the lines of hardcore from the early 2000’s, the goal has remained to have fun but keep their voice and message true.

Heavily influenced by bands like Sheer Terror, Kids Like Us, and Gorilla Biscuits they keep the feel of these legends while making new material in their own unique style. Following the release of their EP in 2011, they touched on topics such as friendship, recent wars, and the roots of hardcore itself.
Their sound is fast and heavy reminiscent of early Terror and Agnostic Front. A band with a live show known for being chaotic, featuring many pile-ons and hard dancing while keeping the violence between brothers, they’re a must see.

OLD HABITS returned in 2013 with Bury Everything, their debut full length much to the relief of their awaiting fans. Featuring 11 new tracks with songs about politics, religion, rampant technology, and criticisms of the current hardcore scene. It sheds a dark and poignant light on the society we live in and how those thought to only rant and hit each other have a real opinion on what’s going today, and they don’t fucking like it.

Featuring members of Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Culture, Morning Again, and Until the End.

Billy Hart – Vocals • Thomas Stephens – Guitar • John Wylie – Guitar • Justin Thought – Drums • TJ Knox – Bass


Physical releases

2011 : OLD HABITS “Old Habits” – MCD | selfproduced demo
2012 : No Kill: A Benefit For Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society – CD | Chance for Change Records (US)
2013 : New Blood Compilation – CD | Eulogy recordings (US)
2013 : OLD HABITS “Bury Everything” – CD | Eulogy Recordings (US)
20… : OLD HABITS / “…” – Picture disc vinyl 10″ | Knives Out Records (F)

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Knives Out Records release