MUTILATED JUDGE started in 2013 in Basque Country as a 2-piece drum-machine noisy homemade grindcore project by Gutcock on vocals and Babyrapist on bass. After a year of bedroom operations such as some CD-R splits, they ve started playing opening shows in their area with a real drummer and in July, 2015 they ve toured for the first time across France and Spain with the Mexican goregrind legend Urtikaria Anal.
After becoming a 2-piece drum machine band again, they ve started playing shows all over Spain and went to Ireland for a quick weekend tour. In summer, 2016 they joined forces with Urtikaria Anal once again, this time to play almost 30 shows across 9 European countries, including Flesh Party (Slovakia), Czech Death Fest (Czech Republic) and Xxxicken Party (Portugal), and sharing the stage with Napalm Death, Lividity, Gutalax and Kraanium among many more. Their next trips were a quick Christmas tour in the Netherlands and France playing Kops op Kerst festival in Tilburg, an 8-date Northern Ireland/Scotland/England tour with Belfast crossover thrash band Deathbus which included a show in the legendary Temple of Boom in Leeds, and 23 shows all across Mexico alongside Urtikaria Anal and the well-known Mexican goregrind act Gore & Carnage.
MUTILATED JUDGE ve also been playing some single dates in Europe, e. g. the 5th edition of The Grindcore Family Weekend festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. When it comes to records, they’ve relased more than 20 demos, solo EPs, compilations and splits with bands like Sete Star Sept from Japan, Mixomatosis from Catalonia or Kadaverficker from Germany, including exclusively digital releases, homemade CD-Rs, CDs, mini-CDs, tapes and 7” and 12” vinyls.

Their forthcoming EP “Coldplay Is a Shoegaze Band” was recorded and mixed at The Cripple Room in Lureuil, France with the amazing blast-beat machine Guillaume Béry (Pulmonary Fibrosis, Embryopathia) on drums, and mastered in Portland, OR, USA by Joel Grind, the guy behind Toxic Holocaust and who mastered Poison Idea’s latest release and Power Trip’s “Nightmare Logic”, Integrity among others. The cover artwork was done by the incredibly talented Mark Cooper, who has done artworks for various Rings of Saturn albums.

Gutcock – Vocals • Babyrapist – Bass


Physical releases

2013 : 3-way split. “s/t” – Digital | Bizarre Murders Production
2013 : V/A “Armageddon: Soundtrack to Apocalypse” – Digital | Bizarre Murders Production
2014 : V/A “This Noise Will Kill You” – Digital | Death Tones Records
2014 : V/A “A Spanish (and Guests) Tribute to Dead Infection” – CD | various labels
2014 : MUTILATED JUDGE/SxGxAxEx “Anal Retroeyaculation / In Memory of the Almighty Hen Fucker” – CDR | Emocaust Records
2014 : MUTILATED JUDGE “Caca, Culo, Pedo, Pis” – Digital, video | Brutal Arratia Records
2014 : V/A “Gory Maiden: A Gore and Noise Tribute to Iron Maiden” – CDR | Purulent Semen Records / Emocaust Records
2014 : V/A “Canta Grind” – CD | Base Record Production
2014 : “Cerdo Mutilador” (7-way split) – CDR | Grinder Cirujano Records
2014 : 5-way split – CDR | Base Record Production / Emocaust Reocrds
2014 : MUTILATED JUDGE/RxAxIxDx “Scrotal Evocation” – CDR | Brutal Arratia Records
2015 : 7-way split. April, 2015 by various labels (CD)
2015 : MUTILATED JUDGE “Sublime Art of Splatter Cadavers” (demo) – CDR | Viscera Records
2015 : MUTILATED JUDGE “Inbred Execration (101-track EP)” – CDR | Base Record Production
2015 : “Ravenous Mutilated Erotomanists” (3-way split) – CDR | Brutal Arratia Records
2015 : V/A “Villagrindcols” – CDR | Base Record Production
2016 : MUTILATED JUDGE “Caca, Culo, Pedo, Pis” – CDR | Brutal Arratia Records
2016 : MUTILATED JUDGE/PUTREFUCK “s/t” – Mini CD | Brutal Arratia Records
2016 : MUTILATED JUDGE/NECROFUCK “Kill Fucking Everyone” – Mini CD | Brutal Arratia Records
2016 : MUTILATED JUDGE/CHOCHOS Y MOSCAS “s/t” – Cassette | Newborn Porn Prodz
2017 : MUTILATED JUDGE/WRONG HOLE “s/t” – CDR | Brutal Arratia Records
2017 : MUTILATED JUDGE/CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE “Drum & Bass Splatter” – Cassette | Vleesklak Records
2017 : MUTILATED JUDGE/Cx9 “s/t” – Cassette | Fall Into Void Records
2017 : MUTILATED JUDGE/SETE STAR SEPT “s/t” – Cassette | Newborn Porn Prodz
2017 : MUTILATED JUDGE “Coldplay Is A Shoegaze Band” – Vinyl, CD, Cassette | Knives Out Records (F)




“We Ghostwrote Every Tool Album”
(Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital)


“Coldplay Is A Shoegaze Band”
(Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital)



Knives Out Records release