Paul “Lithopedion” Saada is a bass player, composer and poet from Paris France.
His alias is after medical jargon shining light on the 3 faces of the same concept : the face of self loathing, the confusion of said self loathing with its host and the creative spur that is born with it (“me – in me – in its name”)

Paul Saada starts his debut as a bass player in several bands and then dares to write and compose in his name. This hard and lonely work will find its way to a concrete project thanks to Sylvain “Vayne” Duchatel’s work, who is in charge of recording and producing what will become his first EP “Ex”. It came out in November 2022 on Knives Out Records after a long gestation, becoming a sure act of birth of Lithopedion.

Reflecting numerous influences, his music is a mix of Hardcore, Grindcore and Sludge, which lyrics written in french take up different themes such as melancholia, fear, corruption of mind and body, adding to the brutality the sharpness of words.

Both symptom and allegory of its host-creator’s anguish, Lithopedion’s music is unapologetic ; an exile where doubt and disgust give birth to a life saving violence.

Paul Saada is also a bass player in bands Coroce and Creeping Fear.

Lithopedion • Paul Saada


Physical releases

2022: LITHOPEDION “ex” – Vinyl, CD, CS | Knives Out Records (Fr)


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(Vinyl / CD / CS)



Knives Out Records release