KHASM is a four-piece hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Taking influence from 90s metallic hardcore a la Stigmata and Neglect and mixing in sludge riffs from bands like Crowbar and 16. Punishing, but melodic; they carve out a unique sound in the realm of modern hardcore.

KHASM formed in late 2021 and put out their first demo in February of 2022 via Outlook Fanzine, and followed that up with their Self-titled EP, KHASM in January of 2023.

Sharing members with Vomit Forth, Purity, Imprizon and a handful of other Las Vegas bands, Khasm plans to stay busy and push touring hard this year in support of the new EP and are planning to hit the studio for LP1 by the end of the year.

Gabriel Brownotter – Bass, Vocals • Jack Phelan – Drums • Erik Kline – Guitar • Jett Stotts – Guitar, Vocals


Physical releases

2023: KHASM “s/t” – CD | Takedown Records (US)
2023: KHASM “s/t” – Vinyl, CD, CS | Knives Out Records (FR)


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KHASM "s/t"

(Vinyl / CD / CS)



Knives Out Records release