Hailing from the beachside town of Frankston in Melbourne’s Southeast, this Australian hardcore/crossover outfit have been tearing it up down under over the last couple of years. Spawning from the monotonous depths of Melbourne’s strict lockdowns, FEVER SHACK have been taking the hardcore bull by its horns with their ferocious, energetic and bouncy metallic jams, supporting bands such as Knocked Loose, Xibalba, Evergreen Terrace, Antagonist A.D and Deez Nuts. Their live shows have become the talk of the town and have played a significant role in the resurgence of hardcore in Melbourne City.

Since the release of The SHACK’s first ‘Self-Titled’ full length through Set The Fire Records at the back end of 2021, there’s been no slowing down for this lot. Touring by van and packing out shows across the continent, it wasn’t long before these 5 Ozzies were licking their lips and looking for more opportunity abroad. In late 2022, with the support of the Set The Fire Records Crew, the boys were jet setting over to Indonesia for their first successful international tour.

Only weeks upon returning home to Australian soil, FEVER SHACK were back in the studio at Holes and Corners in South Melbourne, weaving their magic with Sam Johnson on their second full length album, ‘Raw Doggin Reality.’ It was full tilt, full time and ‘Raw Doggin Reality’s’ thrashy riffs, hooky breakdowns and groovy 2-step sections sent them back on the road for an East Coast Australian Tour to in the early months of 2023. Since then, FEVER SHACK have released both their full-length albums on 12” vinyl with Stiff Cut Records and have continued to take Melbourne by storm, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian hardcore scene.

Matt Leverington – Bass • Danny Howell – Drums • Jacob Millman – Vocals • Lachie Mackie – Guitar • Luke Smyth – Guitar


Physical releases

2020: FEVER SHACK ”You Got The Fever?” – Single – Digital Release
2020: FEVER SHACK ”Scientific Breakdown” – Single – Digital Release
2021: FEVER SHACK ”Self-Titled” – Album – 12” Vinyl via Stiff Cut Records/Digital Release via Set The Fire Records, AUS
2022: FEVER SHACK ”Wasted War” (ft. Liam Deverall of World of Joy) – Single – Digital Release, Set The Fire Records, AUS
2023: FEVER SHACK ”Raw Doggin Reality” – Album – 12” Vinyl via Stiff Cut Records/Digital Release via Set The Fire Records, AUS


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FEVER SHACK "Raw Doggin Reality"

“Raw Doggin Reality”



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