Formed in early 2017 by friends who knew each other in the thrash metal and hardcore scene in Fortaleza. DEAD ENEMY comes up with the proposal to make a sound influenced by bands such as: Exodus, D.R.I, Suicidal tendencies, Discharge and Ratos de Porão; in addition to being inspired by the political thinking that these bands bring in their lyrics.
In 2018, The Band released a split cd with the band Diagnose, which is considered a great reference for the band. In 2020, the first EP entitled “Knowing the Enemy” was released, with 7 fast tracks, which lyrics bring a critical reflection on events happening around the world in the form of protest.
Also in 2020, We released the single “fight”, which in its intro was used the protest screams that took place in 2018 in the act against Bolsonaro called “Ele não!”( Not him).

Dejane Grrl – Bass • Mateus Sales – Drums • Fernando Gomes – Vocals • Junior Linhares – Guitar


Physical releases

2020: DEAD ENEMY “Knowing The Enemy” – CD | DBIBS (BR)
2022: DEAD ENEMY “Knowing The Enemy” – CS | Knives Out Records (Fr)
2023: DEAD ENEMY “Knowing The Enemy” – Vinyl | Knives Out Records (Fr)


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“Knowing The Enmy”
(Vinyl / CS)



Knives Out Records release