ALL OUT WAR is an American metalcore band from Newburgh, New York, formed in 1991. They have released six full-length albums starting in 1997 to the present.

The band played their first show together in Newburgh, New York at the Hudson Valley skate park in 1991. A riot broke out resulting in the police intervening. The lineup was Darryl Quirk, Sam Carbone (R.I.P.), Tom Connelly (three members from A.W.O.L., an earlier hardcore band from Newburgh, N.Y.) and Mike Score.[1][2] They are sometimes credited with having formed in 1993.[3] The band’s lineup shifted frequently in its early years before their first full-length release Truth in the Age of Lies on the German record label Gain Ground in 1997. Later in 1997 the band signed with the Chicago based record label Victory Records, where they released their second album For Those Who Were Crucified in 1998.

Turmoil within the band continued in the years following the release of For Those Who Were Crucified with multiple band members entering and leaving the band. The band returned to the studio in 2003 to record their third full length, Condemned to Suffer, which was also released on Victory Records. In 2004 the band announced that they had officially broken up due to the inability of vocalist Mike Score to continue with the band.[4]

All Out War reunited in 2006,[5] and released their fourth album Assassins in the House of God (2007). By early 2008 the band had left Victory Records.[6] However, by early 2010, All Out War had returned to the record label and recorded Into the Killing Fields, which was released in August 2010.

In late June 2015, All Out War will release a brand new EP, Dying Gods, on Organized Crime Records.

Long-running New York-based hardcore/metal stalwarts, ALL OUT WAR, declare 2015 as the year of the Dying Gods, as the quintet prepares its latest set of recordings for release this Summer.

Since 1991, ALL OUT WAR has assaulted the masses with their punishing metallic hardcore aggression, and through a multitude of recordings, including a pile of singles and EPs, their 1997 debut LP, Truth In The Age Of Lies on Germany’s Gain Ground Records, and four subsequent LPs on Chicago’s Victory Records — For Those Who Were Crucified (1998), Condemned To Suffer (2003), Assassins In The House Of God (2007) and Into The Killing Fields (2010). Their arsenal of recorded misanthropy and waves of worldwide touring, has led the band to become a respected staple act for metal and hardcore fans everywhere. In 2013, after several years off the grid, ALL OUT WAR came crushing back with the reunited For Those Who Were Crucified-era line up and laid waste at both This Is Hardcore Fest and 2014’s A389 Records Bash. The momentum has been growing ever since.

Now nearing the band’s two-and-a-half decade mark, ALL OUT WAR proves that age has only refined the band’s killing capabilities on Dying Gods, a brand new EP which the band is about to unleash upon humanity early this Summer. Dying Gods sees the band return to the sound of For Those Who Were Crucified, and just like that timelessly brutal album, Dying Gods was engineered and produced by Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Turmoil, Buried Alive, Suicide Silence) at West West Side Studios in New Windsor, New York. The record sees the band bringing five decimating new original tracks and covers of two iconic underground anthems.

In 2015, ALL OUT WAR returns with Dying Gods. You have been warned. Stand by for additional details on the carnivorous sounds of Dying Gods to arise in the coming days.

The crew will continue to bring their malice to the stage in the coming months surrounding the release of Dying Gods, with several high profile festival appearances confirmed on both American and European soil, including a European tour in August. At press time, ALL OUT WAR is confirmed to perform at the 2015 edition of Rain Fest in Seattle, Washington the weekend of May 22nd alongside the likes of Judge, Chain Of Strength, Angel Du$T, Baptists, Rotting Out, Turnstile, Code Orange, Expire and countless others. Then in August, the band hits Europe for a nine-city tour. The Dying Gods Europe Tour 2015 runs from August 7th through 15th, and includes performances at Still Cold Fest in Germany with Nasty, No Turning Back, Lifeless, Naysayer and more, a set at Ieperfest in Belgium with the likes of Biohazard, Caliban, Entombed AD, Judge, Pentagram, Touche Amore, Cryptopsy, GBH and Poison Idea, and the massive Motocultor Fest in France alongside Sepultura, Tankard, Six Feet Under, Trouble, Pentagram, Agalloch, The Ocean and countless others.

ALL OUT WAR‘s musical style is an unrelenting metal assault of the mid-‘80s German thrash scene colliding head-on with the crossover sound of Carnivore and the Cro-Mags. The two styles are as different as they come, yet the band seamlessly unites them into a purely seething, tension-filled alloy rife with divebomber leads and merciless breakdowns, unmatched by today’s standards. Featured is their trademark social commentary on such subjects as political and religious hypocrisy as well as social apathy of a materialistic population. They attack the relevant subjects of corruption of organized religion, ecocide, and the degradation and exploitation of the weak, set to a soundtrack appropriate for the end of days.

Mike Score – Vocals • Erik Carrillo – Bass • Taras Appuzzo – Guitar • Andrew Pietrolungo – Guitar • Jesse Sutherland – Drums


Physical releases

1992 :  ALL OUT WAR  “Sum Of All Fears” – Demo | s/p
1994 : ALL OUT WAR “Destined To Burn” – 7″ | Hardway Records
1997 :  ALL OUT WAR “Truth In The Age Of Lies” – CD,Vinyl | Gain Ground Records
1998 :  ALL OUT WAR “For Those Who Were Crucified” – CD | Victory Records
2014 : ALL OUT WAR “Condemned To Suffer” – CDR | Victory Records
2007 : ALL OUT WAR “Assassins In The House Of God” – Digital, video | Victory Records
2010 : ALL OUT WAR “Into The Killing Fields” (demo) – CDR | Victory Records
2015 : ALL OUT WAR “Dying Gods” – CD,Vinyl | Organized Crime Records
2017 : ALL OUT WAR “Give Us Extinction” (demo) – CDR | Organized Crime Records
2020 : ALL OUT WAR “Truth In The Age Of Lies” – Picture Disc | Knives Out Records (F)




“Truth In The Age Of Lies”
(Picture Disc )




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