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DDENT "s/t" Digipak CD

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1. Dans La Roseraie
2. Dis à La Lune qu'Elle Vienne
3. Longue, Obscure et Triste Lune
4. Torse de Marbre
5. L.s Cloch.s D'ars.nic .t La Fum:.
6. La Pluie Emplit Sa Bouche
7. Noir Taureau de Douleur

Artwork by Ddent.


DDENT is the instrumental brainchild of guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Louis Lambert and drummer Marc Le Saux. First EP "Chien Noir" sees the day in 2014, which quickly leads to the addition of live musicians to the project. This milestone lays the foundations for a dark post-rock sound, inducing an inevitable spiritual and sensory journey. After a short hiatus, the project rises in the winter of 2015 with a new set of live musicians, the songwriting remaining the exclusive preserve of its main founder and guitarist. Their 2017 debut album "آكتئاب" (ektiheb; or melancholy, depression) is made of eight lunar, massive and goosebump-inducing instrumental tracks depicting the melancholy and depression of a horseman.

 While "آكتئاب" narrated the introspective journey of a poet, DDENT's upcoming sophomore album "TORO" deals with the search of truth through creation. The titles all refer to Federico Garcia Lorca's volume of poetry "Llanto", as well as the underlying concept of "duende" – the creative force that possesses the artist and against which he is forced to battle in order to give life to his art. The album's main character is on a quest to find truth, in a creativity-free world. Nevertheless, without creation, truth can't be, without creation, spiritual death is inevitable. From a premonitory prelude, to a deep and violent inner quest and a destructive initiatory ritual, each one of the seven songs is a chapter, a powerful, resonating post-heavy sonata. Beyond any boundary, DDENT's post-heavy music remains at the crossroads of many genres, crowned with dark, vibrant and mystical aesthetics. This stunning sophomore album makes the mind travel in the depths of the soul of a band who hasn't ceased to amaze and stand out of the French heavy scene. "TORO" was recorded and produced by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio and mastered by James Plotkin.